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Dat Space-cruisin' Lombax! by BlazingStarO

I already commented on this, but I need to write a critique on this. :) First of all, this is gorgeous. You got the details in; not too ...

Definitely one of the most special pictures that I have ever seen, it deserves praise. It's so original because of how you added the co...


    Tiny feet stepped over endless layers of orange and brown leaves as Zeth weaved in and out of the thin, bare trees that belonged to autumn. The sound of innocent laughter filled the fresh October air, followed by the constant taunting of “I’m gonna get you” and “You can’t escape from me”, courtesy of his father. Zeth glanced behind him as he continued to run, clutching the small red ball to his chest. His smile only widened when he saw his father gaining on him, and he tried to run faster, only to tumble to the ground in a giggling, playful mess. Before he knew it, his father yanked him up off the ground, twirling him around and ripping the ball from his grasp. Zeth laughed, squirming to get out of his father’s playful grip.
The air suddenly turned cold, and Zeth found himself on his feet again. The leaves were gone, and were replaced by a bone-white, cracked surface that resembled a drought. He was older now, being about the age he was currently, and he noticed that his skin had returned the sickly white that it had been for the past few years. He was completely alone, and he felt the ball reappear in his hands, only heavier. He looked down and dropped the object immediately, shattering the jar and scattering his father’s ashes.
His hands began to become transparent, and he watched in horror as the transparency worked its way up his arms, down his body and up to his face, and he screamed. He screamed and he screamed and he screamed and he –

Red eyes snapped open to see bright green eyes staring down at him in curiosity. He sat up, and Amber jumped away so as to not be knocked back by his sudden movement. He rubbed his eyes and ripped the covers off of him, grumbling softly to Amber that she should get lost. She did so silently, and he took that moment of privacy to roll up his sleeve and inspect his scar; it was still transparent around the wound, but thankfully, it hadn’t spread.

He slowly walked down the long, spiral stairs and into the front entrance. His bare feet slapped against the cold tile, and he looked outside for a second and found that his mother’s car was still parked in the driveway. She hadn’t left yet, but she would probably leave soon. She was a well-known business woman, and she traveled often to different countries. She would leave for days on end, sometimes calling when she had the chance, and of course, picking up little souvenirs from wherever she visited.
It was because of his father’s paintings and his mother Lilith’s income that they had been “blessed” with good fortune; he, his mother and Amber lived in a large house at the top of a hill, isolated from busy streets and obnoxious buildings. Although it was a nice house, with marble floors and a nice garden, he inwardly found it lonely, and when his mother left for work and the caretaker came, everything seemed too dark and depressing.
It wasn’t that he disliked the dark; he actually rather enjoyed it very much, but he liked the natural darkness. The house was much different. In the mornings, when the sun hadn’t quite risen, everything in the house had a gray tone, making it seem unnaturally gloomy.

Jack, his father, had wanted to live somewhere where he could paint without too many distractions, and they had decided to live where busy nights and bustling people would be scarce.

It was nice back then, when the whole family was together, and Zeth could watch his father paint beautiful pictures that resembled the scenery, but with an abstract twist. His mother would leave for her business trips, and Jack would stay home and watch over him and his sister, who was only an infant at the time.
But then his father got sick with cancer, and as Jack’s health deteriorated, so did Zeth’s happiness.
When his father finally died, Zeth had stayed in his room for five days, barely eating and rarely sleeping. He refused to leave his room when the teacher came to home-school him, and if anyone tried to coax him out, he would scream and shout that he hated them, and to leave him alone.

When he had finally come out of his room, he had become a different person. He ate little, slept little, talked little, and had become pale, rude, and overall disconnected from the rest of the world, including his family.

He walked over to the kitchen and opened up a cabinet, half-heartedly making himself a bowl of cereal. He sat down across from Amber, who was quietly munching on her cereal that had way too much milk.

A few minutes of silence later, he heard the door to the master bedroom open and the frantic clack-clack-clack of his mother’s heels as they walked down the hard-floored upstairs hallway.

He heard his mother somehow gracefully stumble down the stairs, two suitcases in hand, walking briskly and managing to slip a mint into her mouth. Her long black hair was held up taut with a band, and freshly applied lipstick stained her mouth cherry red.

“Sweeties, I have to go. My flight is leaving, and I’ll never make it if I don’t leave now. Anna will be here soon. Be good for Mommy until I come back next week, okay? I love you!”

Zeth’s gaze followed her to the door, but not a word left his mouth before the front door slammed shut and Lilith was gone.

Moments later, Amber gave him a pouty look.

“Are you in charge again ‘till Anna gets here?”

He finished up his cereal and tossed the bowl into the sink.

“As usual.”

She slowly ate the rest of her cereal, visibly saddened that her mother had left; Zeth was in charge, and it wouldn’t be a while until Anna finally showed up.
Anna was their caretaker who had been taking care of them for a few months now. She always seemed to show up a little late, but neither Zeth nor Amber mentioned it to Lilith because they liked Anna. She was much more fun and laid-back than the last caretaker, and she wasn’t afraid of Zeth. Plus, she let him watch horror movies that were rated R.

Amber stood up and placed her bowl into the sink.

“I’m going outside in the backyard.”

“You can’t until Anna gets here”, Zeth called as he went up the stairs to change.

He heard her open the door and go outside anyway.

“I don’t care!”

He sighed and ignored her as he closed the door and changed out of his PJ’s.

. . .

            Anna arrived exactly seventeen minutes late – two minutes later than usual – phone in hand, a cigarette in her mouth, and her shoe laces falling out of the hasty bows she had tied prior before getting into her car.

“Hey dudes,” she said as she walked into the house before plopping down onto the couch.

Amber pouted; she didn’t like it when Anna called her a ‘dude’.
Zeth made his way over to her and held out his hand, making grabby hands for the promised R-rated movie she brought over every other week. She lived close to a movie rental joint and picked out horror movies for Zeth, since he liked them so much. In return, he and Amber promised not to tell Lilith about her habit of showing up late – and they always reminded her to put out her cigarette before its stench stuck to their clothes, which would alert Lilith of her smoking problem.
As Anna passed him the DVD case, her eyes widened and she grabbed his arm in shock.

“Whoa, what happened?”

She had found the transparent scar on his arm, and her expression was one of both shock and horrified delight. Zeth yanked his arm away and out of her grasp.

“It’s not your business.”

Anna rolled her eyes before tossing him the DVD and going back to her phone.

“Well, babe, that scar is wicked, just so you know. And you know my rule – you can’t watch the movie ‘til the homeschool teacher leaves.”

Zeth sighed and closed the DVD case he was in the middle of opening. It would be a while before he could enjoy his movie.

Crimson Blue
looong time ago, I said that I would be making a sequel to my story, "Bittersweet Black".

I never finished it. 

But here's what I have, and I'd rather put this up than nothing at all. This is called "Crimson Blue".

Hope you all enjoy this little unfinished project. :)
"There once was a horrible mad scientist..." 

No no no.

"Once, there was a scientist who had just a bit of a heart..."

Hm... Nope.


"There once was a mad scientist who befriended his experiment."

Hey guys! :happybounce: Guess who's back with a brand new story/series coming out?

I'm not going to say anything more about it, but in the near future, expect some background information, some concept art, and a "Coming Soon..." picture. 

For now, I'll let you wonder. :)


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