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Dat Space-cruisin' Lombax! by BlazingStarO

I already commented on this, but I need to write a critique on this. :) First of all, this is gorgeous. You got the details in; not too ...

Definitely one of the most special pictures that I have ever seen, it deserves praise. It's so original because of how you added the co...


Brave by SonicGirlDreamer
Sort of a sequel to a picture I made almost two years ago:…

When you go through a hardship -- any hardship -- it's so hard to see the bright side of things, or even see an end. Two years ago, I was sorting through some problems in my head that I thought needed to be addressed right then and there, and all sorts of external forces were taking their toll on me. There were a few times where I just cried to myself alone for hours, unsure of what to do or how I would do it.

The year after that, things had become a little better, although I was still struggling with anxiety and other issues. When I finally found an end, it was such a relief. I was finally able to breathe and rest easy.

I'm starting my first year of college on the 24th, and moving into dorms on the 19th. As expected, I'm really nervous, but at the same time, very excited. 

At some point today, I had this sudden inner thought of, "What if I can't handle it?"

And then I realized that I could, because I have been handling it. For the past four years. Yes, I am going to find myself lost, confused, afraid, and overwhelmed in the future. But I know for sure, because of what I've gone through, that there's always a good ending, as long as you're brave.


Expect a third and final picture after this one. I don't know when it'll show up, or when I'll draw it, but I'm positive it'll happen when I'm feeling alive.
Rayman by SonicGirlDreamer
Been playing Rayman: Legends with my sis and it's freakin' adorable. 


Gotta love that music in the game, too. My personal fave is "Moving Ground". :music:
Okay, first off... 

HELLO!!! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:

It's been forever since I've been on DeviantART, and I hope everyone is doing well. :) I just got back from a seven-month trip in California with my grandparents, where I made nearly $1,000 out of summer jobs. :D

I'll be moving into university dorms with my roommate (who I just met over the phone -- she's so sweet!) and I'll be starting college soon!!! :happybounce:

But I wanna make this journal out to my favorite movie and superhero team, the Guardians of the Galaxy.

It came out two days ago last year (August 1st, 2014), and I forgot to say something. XD

So here I am -- a geeky fan girl who loves artichokes and tank tops -- and a letter to a thief, two thugs, an assassin, and a maniac. :heart:

These guys are freakin' awesome. I remember finding a Rocket Raccoon comic at FCBD 2014 and thinking it was interesting and sorta cute. I also remember my sister telling me the raccoon was in a movie, and then instantly falling in love with the trailer. 

What a beautiful movie that turned out to be. :heart: :heart: :heart:

And I'm so excited for the sequel!!!

My thoughts are really scattered right now, with all this stuff on my mind right now; I move in to dorms on the 19th! I've got a lot to do! 

I'll end with something cheesy, 'cause it's fun to piss people off. XD

:music: I'm not always hooked on a feeling, but when I am, I'm high on believing. :music:


SonicGirlDreamer's Profile Picture
Emi K.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hi there! I'm Emi, also known as SonicGirlDreamer! :D I'm a previous Sonic the Hedgehog fan of 11 years, a part-time Ratchet & Clank fan, and am currently a VERY big Guardians of the Galaxy fan. :love:


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Graduated from high school, got into a university with almost a full first-year ride through scholarships, got my first paycheck, have two part-time summer jobs and volunteering with a physical therapist for autistic children. :)
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